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Being unable to control your anger can be detrimental in a number of ways. Studies show that approximately one out of five Americans has an anger management problem and many people disclose that they’ve ended a relationship because of the way another person reacts when angry. One’s personal struggle with anger can be predominantly compulsory, so the first stage in developing restraint is the willingness to recognize that you have an anger management problem.

Restoration Counseling can work with you to develop coping mechanisms to control bouts of anger, giving you the skills and composure you need to face problems, head on, without damaging your career or relationships, by exhibiting out of control anger.

There are many things that may cause you to lose your temper, to include, among others:

  • Repressed emotions: Unhealthy or toxic feelings that you’re afraid to talk about
  • Past trauma: Negative experiences that leave you feeling hurt and frustrated
  • Negative learned behavior: Toxic behavior we learn during adolescence, which has a lasting effect.
  • Mental health disorders, such as severe depression and mental anxiety

The experienced anger management counselors at Restoration Counseling will work with you to determine the situations in your life that provoke your anger, and develop ways to more effectively respond in those instances. By first identifying the causes of your anger, we can provide you with individual anger management strategies to quell your anger before things reach a boiling point or irreparable damage is done, in your career or personal relationships. Our empathetic counselors will teach you to understand the origin of your anger, and deal with it more effectively, allowing you to minimize your feelings of frustration, without abandoning your emotions, completely.

When anger threatens your livelihood, you may feel cornered and your fight or flight response can take over. In uncontrollable occurrences, anger can lead to disastrous ramifications, such as the loss of a job or important relationships. The counselors at Restoration Counseling will help you take control of your emotions and lead you to the life you deserve by helping you cope with your feelings of anger in productive ways.

We are conveniently located in St. Charles Missouri and are affiliated with Calvary church. We invite you to request additional information, using the form on this page or you can call us at 636-939-4343 ext. 1129. We will always do everything in our power to merit her trust and confidence.

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