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Profound loss can be one of the most difficult adjustments any person can face. Life won’t be the same and learning ways to cope with your grief can be frustrating and often debilitating. Our goal at Restoration Counseling is to enable families to acknowledge change and integrate loss with healthy, responsible mourning. A grief counselor can help you overcome the seemingly insurmountable sadness you feel, while working through the stages of your grief in a healthy way, that allows for healing, over time.

Some of the reasons that people seek grief counseling include:

  • Death of a Spouse
  • Death of a Parent
  • Death of a Child
  • Divorce
  • Marital Separation
  • Death of a close family member or friend
  • Personal injury or illness
  • Loss of a Job
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Change in finances
  • Child Leaving Home
  • Change in Living Conditions
  • Change in Working Hours or Conditions
  • Change in Residence
  • Change in sleeping habits
  • Loss of Trust, Approval, Safety or Control
If you have experienced profound loss, and need help working through your sadness, the experienced counselors at Restoration Counseling may be able to help. We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our grief counselors today. At Restoration Counseling, we believe that the more an individual is able to accept and safely work through their feelings of personal loss, the better prepared they are to move beyond the pain, and face life’s difficulties, stronger than before.

We are conveniently located in St. Charles, Missouri and are affiliated with Calvary Church. We invite you to request additional information, using the form on this page, or you can call us at 636-939-4343 ext. 1129. We will always do everything in our power to merit your trust and confidence.

“We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow”

– Shel Silverstein

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