What to Expect

Whenever you do something for the first time it can be a little uncomfortable. The following information will help to ensure that things go smoothly during your first visit with us.

How to Find Us

Our offices are located within Calvary Church. Offices and waiting rooms are on the balcony level (2nd floor) of Calvary Church on the North side of the building. Enter through the overhang doors on the North side of the building, and take the stairs on the right up to the 2nd floor. There is an elevator down the hall and to the right through the North doors as well.

The Environment of the Center

Counseling services are offered for people of all ages including individuals, couples, and families. Restoration is a safe and confidential place for people to express their emotions, struggles, hopes and fears, knowing that a caring and trained Christian professional counselor will be listening.

Our First Meeting

Sessions typically last between 50-60 minutes. The number of sessions will depend on the situation and should be discussed with the counselor. You are not obligated to complete a specified number of sessions. Occasionally, counselors elect to discontinue therapy. This usually happens when they feel no substantial progress is being made or other factors are interfering with their ability to help you. If therapy ends prematurely, we will help you find qualified help elsewhere.

We Believe…

We believe the counseling relationship between a therapist and client is an essential and powerful part of the therapeutic process. How a person shares their story is as significant as the words that are actually being spoken. How our clients experience us and we experience our clients is of vital importance to the growth of the process, and thus frequently discussed. Counseling involves the therapist and client walking the paths of therapy together side by side. We are not “experts” that simply regurgitate “answers” as we stand outside or above our clients. The value we bring is that we have the miles of experience of having walked many paths with many people at many stages in their lives. Therefore, we may notice details, dangers, significant themes, or even nuances of the path itself as we walk together through the stories of our clients. Knowing ourselves, our own stories, gaining maturity, and moving towards a more whole, healthy and honest lifestyle is a process that takes time and a commitment to intimate exposure.