Severe emotional pain caused by trauma and disturbing life experiences affect our lives in every area – personal, relational, physical, psychological, and professional, and many times we are not even aware of what triggered certain emotional responses, or why we reacted emotionally to certain triggers. Often, PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), as well as depression, anxiety, and other psychological pathologies, is a result of all kinds of traumatic experiences. Individuals with PTSD might have severe difficulties managing their daily lives, have nightmares, and flashbacks, feel on edge, easily startle, dissociate, or freeze, and struggle with simple daily tasks that seem easy for others.

Compounding the issue, often people in your life do not understand your disturbing behaviors and can become frustrated and lack patience.

Left untreated, PTSD can manifest in more serious ways and in self-destructive behavior, such as substance abuse or other kinds of addiction and distancing yourself from others. Fortunately, many of these negative side effects can be eliminated with effective counseling for PTSD making positive impactful changes in your life.

At Restoration Counseling, we are committed to helping our clients manage their symptoms of PTSD. We provide a safe, comfortable environment, free of judgment, where our clients can openly discuss and explore their feelings with one of our qualified counselors. We integrate EMDR therapy in our person-centered, interactive approach and work with you to alleviate these feelings, by teaching your nervous system to differentiate between safe and unsafe environments, and by giving you resources to heal. (You can read more about EMDR therapy at

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